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Big Jack

Saturday reveille brought in it’s wake the melancholic news another of my boyhood footballing idols had passed. Jack Charlton becoming the third Leeds United legend to’ve died in just a […]
Big Jack

Gray Day

Almost exactly a week after attending the funeral of a Gateshead Fell cricket club (GFCC) legend***, a club I represented for a decade between 1977-1987, this morning I was further […]


Along with millions worldwide, I observed a two minute silence, marking one hundred and one years since guns fell silent in WWI. The anniversary of an armistice between the Allied […]

Top Man

Yesterday saw the 7th anniversary of ex-Leeds United footballer Gary Speed’s passing. A tragic day when the player, who also served Everton, Newcastle United, Bolton and Sheffield United with distinction, […]


Over the weekend, I was sad to read of the passing of Chas & Dave pianist Chas Hodges. Hodges, one half of the London pair who in the 1980’s taught […]


Yesterday’s service, cremation and wake for my father proceeded as successfully as these melancholic occasions can do. Much to the appreciation of his brood, over 100 people congregated in my parent’s village church […]

Raising A Glass

I didn’t feel compelled to sit down and pen my daily thoughts yesterday. The darkness of the place I found myself following the passing of my father overnight prohibiting any […]
Raising A Glass

The Anchor’s Away, Hamish

Eight years ago today legendary CBS anchor-man Walter Cronkite passed away. A genial, erudite man he was once dubbed ‘the most trusted man in America’, leading to him being allowed to chaperone Richard […]

Woodhouse Man

Woodhouse man Brick house foundations bestowed upon brood Deterring villainous wolf attentions Encouraging predator to seek less secure footings. Woodhouse man Proud gentleman of white rose burgh Undemonstrative, periphery your comfort zone Unperturbed at allowing the […]