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No Message Taken, Again

In the early 1990’s, I became an avid listener of an early evening Saturday radio show conceived by BBC Radio Five (later Five Live), which was fronted by a chirpy, motormouth Londoner named Danny Baker. An audio nugget I stumbled across by accident. This a consequence of leaving the radio broadcasting when Sports Report’s concluded as I was otherwise engaged extinguishing a grill fire that’d rendered my tea inedible. The […]

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A Christmas Do With The Missus

Yesterday, my lunchtime was spent at an Italian restaurant in the centre of our splendid West Yorkshire metropolis. Here my wife and I feasted on festive fare, prior to being royally entertained by classic sounds from the Motown songbook, while imbibing an agreeable bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. In our hosts glitzy 1920’s art-deco style surroundings, four singers (3 male and 1 female)took us back to the 1960’s, bequeathing us iconic tunes originally produced on Berry Gordy’s legendary record label. This included performances of accomplished cover versions […]

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Just Ask Andy Dawson’s Barber!

Yesterday evening I ventured to the Leeds City Varieties theatre in the company of my twentysomething son Jonny and his mate Josh. It was good to see them both as a) my son lives in York so I don’t see him much, and b) Josh is really tall and, since someone nicked my ladders, I’ve needed my upstairs windows washing. I hadn’t seen Jonny’s mate for a good few years and couldn’t believe […]

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You Win Again

A journey east along A64 was the order of the day for my missus and me on Friday evening. Our trek was to see a show named You Win Again in the Minster city of York; a metropolis of beauty, history and manufacture of Kit-Kats. On arrival, after purchased a bouquet of flowers for my mater as a Mother’s Day present, we headed toward the restaurant Lucia’s for an early evening […]

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The Delayed Diva

There is an endearing quirkiness regularly displayed by my wife, at times unintentionally, that never fails to amuse. Be this the sporadic misnaming of celebrities, the naive innocence about certain ‘near the knuckle’ subjects or just an ill thought out, but nevertheless humourous, question. This morning she gave a perfect example of the latter as we sat discussing the subject of my blog today. The incident in question took place […]

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