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Fanciful Notions

It’s week on from leaving the clan Strachan gathering in Aberdeenshire. Seven days of existential reflection; sporadic hours where the romantic in me manifested notions of moving to that area of Scotland on a long term basis. That dominions aesthetic beauty and my middle-age desire for peace and tranquility a catalyst for ill thought out ideas of a relocation north. Common sense, the fact it’d be a struggle to secure […]

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Yesterday afternoon, I arrived back in West Yorkshire following an excellent week at a Strachan clan gathering in Aberdeenshire. The five hours it took to drive home from my overnight stop in Dumbarton diminishing energy levels, but not my high spirits borne from seven days of mixing with my tribe. On returning into chez Strachan senior (my mums house), I was immediately bombarded with motherly enquiries about the week’s activities, […]

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To See Oursels……

25th January 2019 – Today sees Scots around the world marking the birthday of 18th century Caledonian poet and lyricist Rabbie (Robert) Burns. Incorporated within these global Burns Night celebrations revellers will feast on haggis, neeps and tatties; along with partaking in a wee dram to toast the national poet of Scotland. In some cases, recitals of the Bard of Argylle’s poetry will also be given a perennial airing. I […]

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Strachan Not Strachan’t

August Bank Holiday Monday – Mercifully, the twenty four hours of incessant precipitation over large swathes of the UK has at last abated. Feeling inspirationally spent on waking, this morning I wasn’t going to bother penning my usual daily narrative. Unsure of what my itinerary was going to entail, initial thoughts revolved around viewing a The Sopranos boxset on TV; or perhaps a bracing stroll amongst the grounds of Temple […]

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Ice Age Legacy

I ventured westbound over the Pennine Hills this morning – Destination Cheshire. The county of crumbly cheese, affluent exiled Lancastrians, along with the residence my sister Helen, her husband Steve and daughters call home. Their hometown sitting on the cusp of the Peak District National Park, perches polar south of the Pennines. The Peak District every bit as scenic as northern neighbour the Pennine Hills, just on a smaller scale. […]

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Tomorrow’s Big Decision

The capriciousness that has recently left it’s stench of indecision around chez Strachan, has risen a notch as we get close to tomorrow’s big choice. If your wondering what the stench of indecision is like, it’s not unlike the aroma of a curry…… or is that pizza?! This Thursday, after weeks of pondering, contemplation and pondering, the big day will eventually be here…… Incidentally, writing the word pondering twice in the sentence above wasn’t an error on my part; […]

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Pilgrimage to Strachan – Part Three

Two years ago, almost to the day, I embarked on a trip to the Scottish village where my surname originates. At the time, I wrote three narratives journaling my voyage, all of which I am in the process of editing. Below is an updated version chronicling the third and final part of that expedition……. I concluded the second part of my trilogy of yarns from my road trip to Strachan, Aberdeenshire, describing a visit to the captivating Dunnottar Castle at Stonehaven. After an hour or […]

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