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I’ll ‘Ave ‘Alf

As I need to be up and out of the house for 7am on Sunday morning, it’ll be early to bed this evening for yours truly. My requirement to reveille and depart casa Strachan at that ungodly time is so I can be the other side of Leeds (Kirkstall) for 7.50am. My presence needed there for a pre-Leeds Half Marathon marshal briefing, along with other volunteers from MacMillan Cancer Support. […]

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Going The Extra Mile

Tuesday 15th May – In the recent narrative Do I Cajole or Encourage? I wrote of my admiration for the runners of Sunday’s Leeds Half-Marathon. Thousands of amateurs who as part of their training regular pound local streets and dales in all weathers. Meteorology that includes foreboding grey skies, bringing with them a 70% chance of precipitation – An unwelcome consequence of slow moving nimbostratus clouds over the Vale of […]

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Wakey Wakey for Wakey Hospice

I was up and out of Strachan Towers by 6am this morning – My mission should I wish to accept it (which I did) to attend the Wakefield Hospice 10k run. I hasten to add this wasn’t as a participant, my days of middle distance running now firmly behind me. Now only distant memories untidily filed in a portal of my mind titled ‘Sports Participation Recollections’. In truth, I haven’t […]

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