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Perils of Being Overly Affable

“I’m glad you found it…… It’s awful when you can’t find a book!” A well-meaning, yet idiosyncratic comment relayed last week by Mrs Strachan senior on hearing I’d managed to acquire a thus far elusive copy of the book ‘celebrating’ TV magazine show Sunday Brunch. The above tome standing at number three on my son Jonathon’s birthday wish list. The holy grail I’d sought for two weeks; a search not […]

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Biting The Bullet

It’s midday on Wednesday and I’ve spent the last hour or so fitting an integrated fridge into our kitchen units. A job elongated by over cautiousness from never undertaking this type of task before; not to mention the onerous job of locating the necessary tools among the boxes of DIY detritus adorning my garage shelves. If truth be told, my tool boxes have very few actual tools residing within their […]

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“Turkey Salad with Mayo Again?!”

Last week I wrote a narrative containing untrustworthy recollections from my senior high schooldays in Low Fell, Gateshead. Within those memories I touched upon a sandwich shop called The Griddle – During my schooldays a ‘go to’ source for midday refreshment. In the 1970s/80s, this Durham Road deli was heavily patronised by Heathfield Senior High School students. A haunt where they sought lunchtime sustenance and distracting from the fact they’d […]

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Annus Mixed Fortunesius

I’ve decided to undertake an easier literary route with’s final posting of 2018. Taking a lead from various media channels at this time of year, I’m going to look back over snippets of my content postings during the past twelve months. My informational sources the insight data available to me via administrative access on, in conjunction with a brief scan through my years literary output. According to this […]

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