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Pings Ain’t What They Used To Be

The sharp sound of a pinging bell – In Frank Capra’s classic 1946 feel good movie It’s A Wonderful Life, children were indoctrinated that the peal signified an angel had earned its wings. In that particular narrative the lucky recipient of a promotion was an oft overlooked old guy called Clarence, simple of mind but kind of spirit. As a kid growing up in the northern English town of Gateshead, life was relatively free of bell noises. […]

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This Phone’s Still Not Working, Marg!

Due to telephony issues, it has been a dramatic few days at Chez Strachan Senior. In fact it has become such a soap opera I’ve written a theme tune, which I’m hoping will become a hit when I’ve done writing the lyrics for Anita Dobson to release at Christmas. My dad Malcolm is intermittently unable to receive or dial out on his landline. His Sky broadband and TV appear to […]

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