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Baltic In The Baltic

I woke this morning relieved to find yesterday’s unforgivingly icy breeze had abated. This glacial wind rendering my body heat as frigorific as temperatures experienced during 1980’s nights out on Newcastle’s Quayside and Bigg Market. A deeply uncomfortable coldness not abetted by being bereft of a coat, even in sub-zero temperatures. Sartorial stupidity that ensured that most Friday nights I’d be baltic in the Baltic (a pub on the city’s Quayside […]

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The Far From Dry Levee

In his seminal song ‘American Pie’ Don MacLean spoke of taking the Chevy to the levee, where he was disconsolate to find the levee was dry. Yesterday evening I took a Metro train to see a far from barren levee – One of whom would no doubt have received MacLean’s approval more than the parched one of which he wrote. Blues trio Broken Levee’s cup overflowed with accomplished musicianship, slick […]

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Pub Dress Codes – 1980’s

Although not officially autumn until 22nd September, there was a noticeable autumnal chill yesterday evening in West Yorkshire. It’s looking more and more like the meteorological gods aren’t going to bequeath the UK with anything remotely akin to summer weather in 2017. It’s citizens perhaps not even deriving the consolation of an Indian summer….. Well, unless they travel to India in the next few weeks. I can’t help but ponder that if these changing meteorological conditions […]

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Pleading The Fifth In The Forth

Ordinarily, my writing process follows a similar recipe every day. It involves around two hours graft, half a bag of wine gums, two pints of water, a minimum of 500 words penned, add one picture that relates to the narrative. Before I finally add the title and publish. Today, I’ve decided to take a different creative approach. This meander from the normal literary recipe follows a title epiphany which manifested itself yesterday evening. A […]

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