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Again With The Lumbar Pain!

Monday 16th April – Stretching for a component part of the chiminea I was constructing, I tweaked my back this morning. The building of the fire pit not a particularly onerous task in itself, however the recurring twinges post-tweak made it a fairly uncomfortable undertaking. Akin to smaller aftershocks that […]

Politics, Weather & the Poems of Fermal Undies

Another day, another claiming of squatters rights in a hospital waiting room. On this occasion, the trip is for the oncologist to provide a family member with results from a previous weeks CT scan.. Outside the heavy precipitation taps against the waiting area window as if its trying to grab my attention. Irrationally, I opine the rain is goading yours truly; advising I may […]

Black Dog Day, Afternoon… And Evening

There are numerous metaphors used attempting to explain the challenges of living with depression. Descriptions of living in a void, experiencing hollowness, feelings of an explosion or fire in the head, as well as others surrounding self harm and increased awareness of ones own mortality. As I’ve written before, I […]