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Just You Wait ‘Enry ‘Iggins!

Witnessing this morning’s siling rain outside, while standing to collect for a cancer support charity in M&S, a modified version of the adage ‘The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain’ manifested itself in my capricious mind. Originating in the movie My Fair Lady, the comment was used by self-absorbed linguist Professor Henry Higgins in an attempt improve the annunciation of flower girl Eliza Dolittle. The young down and out cockney girl was bullied into constantly reciting the phrase by the unfeeling academic. His […]

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Blog 800 – Collective Thoughts

This afternoon I will spend three hours in situ at a local store in possession of a large bucket in my right hand (or maybe my left… I’ve not decided yet). The objective of this marathon receptacle hold to collect donations for MacMillan Cancer Support. That being said, if the store roof where I’m volunteering isn’t sufficiently robust, following the rainstorm we’ve just had in East Leeds they may require the bucket for collecting dripping rainwater. I’ve previously […]

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Green Army

This afternoon I plan my first barbeque of the year. Nothing flash, just a piece of marinated chicken each accompanied by salad, potatoes and sides. I can list the sides as well, but I suspect you’re as disinterested in knowing those accoutrements as finding out I’m planning a barbeque. Yesterday, I undertook some voluntary work collecting with a MacMillan Cancer Support team. This group of volunteers, big of heart and green […]

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I Was Watching Broadchurch

It’s Tuesday 28th March and I’m currently sitting with my missus at a Leeds oncology unit, awaiting her four weekly treatment. As I perch uncomfortable on a blue fake leather sofa, my eyes are drawn to three doors opposite. Adjacent to the matt grey doorways, signage kindly informs anyone who’s interested that this trio of portals lead to rooms for ‘NHSBT Clean Utility’, ‘Kitchen Staff Only’ along with a ‘NHSBT Store’ room. Also decorated with a […]

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A Case Of Mistaken Identity

This morning I spent three hours stood in a local store with a MacMillan Cancer Support collection bucket. My first voluntary work of 2017 took place standing just inside the entrance door of catalogue retailer Argos, in a nearby retail park. As with previous charitable collections I’d undertaken, it was heartwarming to witness the generosity of the store’s customers. Prior to today’s fundraising, I wasn’t expecting the levels of benevolence I subsequently […]

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MacMillan’s Magnanimity

Well this time next week the fat bloke dressed in red will have distributed his presents and now be troughing on a hearty five course Christmas dinner…….. But enough already about the profligate Christmas Day goings on in footballer Wayne Rooney’s family home! I spent a couple of hours at lunchtime today in a store at retail park close to Leeds city centre, where I was collecting as part of a […]

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Of Your Own Volition

Yesterday evening I attended the inaugural action group meeting of MacMillan’s Leeds fundraising section. During an informal overview in the setting of a city centre hotel conference room, the Leeds fundraising manager initially reminded the team of the vast array of MacMillan support and services at the disposal of cancer sufferers and their families. Six years into my wife’s cancer journey, I was fairly au fait with most of this, however, as I keep being reminded by my […]

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