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Our Father Who Art……

Today is my first experience of Fathers Day since the old man’s passing in October. Ordinarily it’d be an event I’d spend in pater’s company where we’d chat affably, listen to the new CD we’d bought him, while sharing the bottle of merlot which we’d also rather predictably presented him with. The opening of his gifts wasn’t an overly officious presentation like the Trooping of the Colour or the State […]

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Rosencrantz, Guildenstern & Love Are Dead

Valentine’s Day proved a damp squib both weather and amour wise for yours truly, yesterday. With monsoon-like precipitation attention seeking outside, my missing romance gene and the wife’s apparent inability to display affection, meant the highlight of the day was her impromptu pre-meal haka. My wife’s interpretation of the Polynesian war dance was absolutely terrifying. An amalgam of aggressive gesturing and facial gurning, choreographed to scare the hell out of […]

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What Is Love?

Tomorrow sweethearts around the globe will drink a toast to mark a special day for the patron saint of love……. No, it’s not Chelsea footballer John Terry’s birthday, I allude to the perennial mid-February lovefest that is St Valentine’s Day. Throughout the world, enamoured couples will make affectionate gestures like the sending of red roses, chocolates and fragrances, which will accompany cards containing soliloquys of undying love. In some instances these cardboard […]

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