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Diction Addiction

After a week’s respite from sub-zero temperatures, the scene through my living room window once again mimics that of a snow globe after a thorough shaking. Consequently afflicting West Yorkshire’s long-suffering populous with yet more flurries of the white stuff. In the Collins English Dictionary*** under the word ‘frustrating’ it wouldn’t be inaccurate to supplement the definition with the following:- ‘Feeling experienced by Britain’s inhabitants at the capriciousness of the […]

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A Legen In His Own Lunchtime

After having problems saying the word ignominy this morning, I reflected on how the brain can mischievously play tricks when relaying verbal communications. How can it be that I can pronounce juxtaposition and clearothical with ease, but my diction wanders off for coffee when I need it to articulate ignominy?……. Incidentally, the word clearothical doesn’t exist, I merely wanted to point out I can enunciate it regardless. I’m not the only one who appears to […]

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As a middle-age gent somewhat detached from street parler, a consequence of not being down with the kids, I’m occasionally baffled by the social media acronyms that confront me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more widely used terms, such as lol (laugh out loud), pmsl (pee myself laughing) and gtg (go to go), aren’t part of my lexilogical knowledge void. However, there are several I encounter whose meaning I’m oblivious to, not without […]

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Wordplay in West Yorkshire

I don’t use the word propensity much. In fact, you could say I have the propensity not to utilise the word propensity. I’ve nothing against the colloquialism per sa, however, I have the tendency to proffer the word tendency in its place. Alternately, I sometimes have the inclination to use inclination as a substitute for propensity or tendency. On a rare occasion, I’ve had the predisposition to replace propensity, tendency […]

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