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The Wall That Mally Built

I’m back home in the district of Leeds 15 after spending two days at my mother’s abode in the domain of Wakefield 3. A time that’s been highly productive, during which I’ve undertaken front and back garden maintenance for Mrs S senior; along with a few tasks I’d promised to undertake weeks ago but hadn’t due to one weak excuse or other. On arrival back at casa Strachan junior I […]

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Not So Secret Garden

I’ve spent the last couple of days working with my brother Ian revamping part of our mother’s back garden. Our remit the trimming and removal of numerous bags of overgrown clematis, buddleia, dead vines; along with the unearthing a low retaining wall and rectangle terracotta planting tubs. Also among the clerk of works (Mrs S senior) project aspirations was the laying of stone pebbles in areas designated for house pots. […]

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