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Sitting in an armchair in my mother’s lounge, there’s an audio accompaniment of clattering crockery emanating from the kitchen as I commence today’s journal. This distracting sound courtesy of her returning freshly washed breakfast bowls, plates and cutlery to their allotted sections of the chamber’s cupboards and drawers. A task I ordinarily assist with when visiting Mrs S senior’s abode, but as I wanted to ‘crack on’ with this literary […]

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Bulb Protection & Wembley Trophy Footballs

It’s Monday 19th March 2018. The snow has melted and the oft suffering shrubs are enjoying respite from the ferocity of the now departed easterly gusts. Consequently, a rare serenity engulfs the back garden as the spring daffs, tulips and tete-a-tete’s tentatively peer above soil as if to ask “Is it safe to come out yet, Gaz?….. And did you see Countryfile last night on TV? John Craven’s falsies were […]

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Yesterday’s service, cremation and wake for my father proceeded as successfully as these melancholic occasions can do. Much to the appreciation of his brood, over 100 people congregated in my parent’s village church to celebrate the life of our much loved family head, some making a 200 mile round trip to pay their respects. As the consequence of the magnanimousness of those taking the pews, this morning £551 was donated to Wakefield Hospice from the […]

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The Fraught Train

Week commencing 30th October is going to be a tough week for my family. A few days of build up to my father’s funeral on Wednesday, followed by the aftermath when his passing will no doubt finally hit us like a freight train. Incidentally, I initially misspelt freight as fraught in the previous sentence, which on reflection is a word that wouldn’t have been out of place either……. The Strachan brood fraught train isn’t the […]

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A New Literary Challenge

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a eulogy to deliver at my father’s funeral on Wednesday. As it would be highly inappropriate to do so, I’m not going to publish those words in this narrative. The reason I highlighted this activity is merely part of journaling some of my Friday activities in chez Strachan junior. I realise this is stating the obvious, but writing prose for that type of oration is significantly more challenging than penning my daily rambles. Unlike the […]

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Which St Michael’s Is It?

An old acquaintance, who contacted me to send their condolences after hearing of my father’s passing on Wednesday, recommended an effective way of dealing with grief is to occupy my mind with a distraction. He’s never had to deal with the passing of a close family member but on his recent college course one of the recommending course books was called ‘An Effective Way of Dealing with Grief is to […]

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Watch Out For That Candle, Ian!

I have had the pleasure of my younger brother’s company at chez Strachan these last few days. Two years my junior, our Ian is renowned as an accident-prone chap who has smashed more crockery than a Greek restaurant waiter. Haphazard of nature, he is barred from every crockery outlet in the county of Tyne & Wear where he lives with his fiancee, a big pile of Royal Doulton china fragments and an over-worked dustpan and […]

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