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Mazing On A Sunny Afternoon

I spent a good part of my Saturday undertaking horticultural maintenance within the grounds of casa Strachana. Not a vast freeholding, the upkeep of the grounds is ordinarily a relatively straightforward chore, with exception of the maze – a recent self-indulgence of my wife Karen. My diminutive spouse insisted on designing and constructing the maze, such was her enthusiasm for the project. She claims to have based the design on my neurological corridors when I’m writing, ie […]

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Plant Name Prompts

I commence this narrative sitting at the patio table in my sanctuaire de jardin. Scanning the cornucopia of colour exhibited in the garden borders, it has occurred to me that I’m unable to recollect the names of a few plants that bring much solace. It can’t be compared to the ignorance of a uninquisitive lothario who doesn’t furnish himself with the moniker of the suitor providing his ‘enjoyment’. However I concede, after all the hard work, more of an effort should […]

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