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Andy’s Animal Wraps

Yesterday, during breaks in writing and seeking possessions shifted by my missus when making additional drawer space for our daughter (after her return from Canada,) I spent a short period of my day philosophising. These thoughts not my normal level of inane epiphany. Ideas such as pondering whether I should have tarmac laid in the lounge for durability purposes, and if I proceed how to resolve the huge logical problem […]

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Mulling, Contemplating & Pondering

I’m inspirationally impotent this morning. Consequently the last twenty minutes have been spent gawping gormlessly at the taunting chaste page in front of me. If you want a more descriptive image of my visage, think Irishman in a maths exam*. * Only joshing my Celtic cousins! Bereft of a epiphany for today’s blog topic, I fill my time picking at my beard. Sadly, this hapless grooming not aiding in producing […]

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Unreliable Aides Memoire

It’s 09.28 on Friday 3rd November. Sitting at the dining room table of my East Leeds domicile, I’m snacking on the remnants of Haribo gummy sweets from Halloween, washed down by chilled West Yorkshire tap water. On the red armchair to my right, lolling unceremoniously adjacent to a cream cushion emblazoned with words ‘happiness’, is my laptop bag. In front of me is a small hardback notebook bearing a drawing of an old style […]

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Seeking the Spark

On occasion the hardest thing I find when penning a blog is selecting a narrative subject. That short period of time when I tenaciously seek a topic which’ll elicit between 500 – 700 of prose onto the blank page in front of me. Seeing I was creatively barren this morning, my wife Karen suggested I write about existentialised nimbolic protocons. I mulled this over for a few fleeting seconds, however as the words clearly don’t exist, I […]

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