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Peter Brown Called to Say…..

In The Beatles song ‘The Ballad of John & Yoko’, John Lennon penned the words “Peter Brown called to say you can make it ok. You can get married in Gibraltar near Spain.” I thought of this lyric on Friday when someone also named Peter Brown called me on my landline. Unlike the late Liverpudlian, though, his motives weren’t to plan my itinerary; moreover to inform me I was entitled to compensation for a road accident last year. As […]

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Sutton Dressed As Lamb

Despite my team being conspicuous by their absence following Sunday’s abject footballing performance in the London Borough of Sutton, I still made the effort to watch yesterday evenings 5th round FA Cup draw on TV. Admittedly, I’m not overly sure what my motive was to witness the event, particularly when I had no vested interest in the outcome. Perhaps I was hoping to be entertained with similar bizarre behaviour displayed during last weeks Scottish FA Cup draw, when an […]

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Festive Drink Rewind

I was reminded earlier, during a visit to the social networking wonderland of Facebook,  that on this day a year ago I took a train journey up to Newcastle for a Christmas night with friends in the north east. This gentle memory jog transported me back to that rainy north east break, in the company of amiable bunch of guys who surround themselves with positivity……. Although, admittedly for me personally the evening drinking beer was the […]

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Father Jack’s Ecumenical Matter!

“How did that gobshite get on the TV?” is probably a question most people have uttered about someone or other while getting their daily fix of the goggle box. On the occasion it was uttered by a normally incomprehensible whisky soaked priest from his well-worn armchair, the target of the addled old man’s barbed question was a young simple minded colleague, fair of hair and vacant of expression. Taking a brief […]

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