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No Going Back

The aging process – Bosom buddy of cosmetic surgeons, bezzie mate with manufacturers of anti-aging products and inseparable amigo of the pharmaceutical industry. A nemesis, though, capable of imparting wisdom and highlighting coping mechanisms to improve the lot of the rudderless and disenfranchised. Unless you’re Benjamin Button, the process is an unavoidable existential companion to whom we are all shackled. Even though I’d like to think I ordinarily exhibit non […]

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I bought myself a flat cap the other day. I’m not sure whether it can be classed as an impulse buy, or a purchase caused by a gene in a northern Englishmen’s DNA that kicks in at middle age. After all, as my wife (Karen), daughter (Rachel) and I ventured along the M62 motorway towards an out of town shopping centre, the last thing on my mind was to acquire headwear……. Well, […]

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