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Auf Wiedersen Pet?!

Tomorrow a big decision is required that could have far reaching implications to growth, development and health. It’s a decision that cannot be taken lightly as making the wrong one could have a major impact on all of the above…… When I go to the Garden Centre on Thursday, should I get John Innes No.2 or Miracle Gro compost for my bedding plants?! Additionally but not as importantly, tomorrow our […]

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More Tales From Ambleside

Yesterday I penned a narrative pertaining to a trip I took with friends last weekend to the Lake District. It was a summary of the exploits of nine middle aged men and was predominantly fictional/nonsense/absolute bollocks (delete where applicable). The trip was meticulously organised by our self appointed leader Darrin. He undertakes his role with a thoroughness and tenacity that even outshines the efforts of the Christmas tombola organiser Old […]

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A Successful Recipe For The Lad’s Weekend

Take nine middle aged guys, four prescriptions of blood pressure tablets, five bottles of statins, three failing prostates, copious amount of beer, one urine sample in the fridge, two fry up breakfasts and an ambulance on standby. Then mix them all together in a chalet cottage in a picturesque Lake District town for the weekend. Add watching sport, heated political arguments, a taxi receptionist losing her calm and football/cricket competitions. Add irony, piss taking, cynicism […]

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Journey To Ambleside

I commenced this monologue on Friday afternoon on a train bound for the Lake District. My ultimate destination was the town of Ambleside for a weekend away with the lads. The grey West Yorkshire skies with its blanket covering of Nimbostratus clouds, had hinted at precipitation all morning. Thankfully, though, they abstained from subjecting me to its watery excesses prior to departure. Only time would tell if the Cumbrian skies would be as accommodating. Perhaps […]

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Eight Bloody One!

Football…… bloody football! Since 1970, the game I used to love has brought me many lows, much heartache and an unnatural interest in liniment!……… I really need to not take it so personally when I’m struggling to complete the set of the Euro 2016 Panini football stickers! Seriously though, as a Leeds United and England fan, my football life has been a litany of disappointments, upsets and suppression of a […]

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The Answer Is Kimberley Walsh

As I’m sat here thinking of a blog topic, I’m accompanied by the sound of Magic radio station blaring out songs from happier times. No not the UK Top 20 when I first heard Sainsburys’ had 25% off wines if you bought six bottles, or the excitement at the introduction to Pot Noodles!…… I’m referring to tunes that stir fond nostalgic memories from the 1980’s and 1970’s. Karen is singing […]

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Waiting Room Etiquette

Karen underwent a test this morning, as part of her latest tranche of investigations scheduled to identify ongoing issues resultant from her illness. On checking her appointment letter this morning, I became aware that the investigation staff wouldn’t be able to undertake the test if her blood pressure was too high at appointment time. With this in mind, I promised my diminutive spouse that I’d be on my best behaviour […]

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