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To Helicobacter And Back

I’ve not written a blog for six days – An unplanned hiatus caused by the latest fantastical plot in my real life soap opera. This storyline, introduced by whoever oversees my existential odyssey, seeing me hospitalised for the second time in twelve weeks. This affliction a gastric virus completely unrelated to the cardiac arrest which rendered me a disgruntled, although still appreciative, guest of the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) for […]

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Holding Back The Waves

Mercifully, this morning I feel in significantly better health than yesterday when I turned in at 8.30pm. A time when loosening catarrh caused my nose to stream so extravagantly I was in need of the nasal equivalent of the Hoover Dam. Sadly, as there’s no such this as the nasal version of the Hoover Dam, I was forced to stem the mucus flow with four boxes of Kleenex tissues and, […]

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