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Going West

This morning I followed 19th century American author Horace Greeley’s advice of “Go west, young man!” My embracing of this adage a consequence of the need to drive Mrs Strachan senior (mater) to my sister’s home in Macclesfield. Certainly not a desire to follow the sentiments of Greeley’s advocacy of relocating to undertake an agricultural work role. A career move aimed at solve numerous national economic issues poverty and unemployment. […]

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The Question People

Yesterday, I ventured north to the Riverside cricket stadium in County Durham with a buddy of mine; the sporting smorgasbord provided by England and New Zealand’s national teams. Both sides final group games; the victor’s spoils the certainty of a place in the ICC World Cup semi-finals. Boarding the packed train from our thriving West Yorkshire metropolis (Leeds), we took our pre-booked seats to a greeting of a fragrance known […]

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Come On In And Close The Door

Rejoice – The wanderer has returned!!…. A metaphoric celestial choir exults the Yorkshire girl’s recrudescence; the Strachan home awash with joy at once again holding the daughter absent for over four score months. Two years where as she sampled life in the land of the maple leaf. The Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park providing the beatific backdrops during times of labour and numerous adrenalin fuelled pastimes. One of which […]

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Birtley Breather

With my wife Karen currently spending time in County Durham caring for her recently widowed dad, I’ll be home alone this week. A time I aim to spend constructively by waxing lyrical, scratching around and nattering over Emu’s fate since Rod Hull’s untimely demise. My wife’s home town Birtley located just south of the Angel of the North, bisected by Durham Road as it leads south to Chester-Le-Street and (would […]

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Meet Me In Montana

My daughter Rachel, who’s been working in Canada for the last sixteen months, twelve days, 22 hours and thirty two minutes, is currently on vacation in the USA with her boyfriend. A lass who always tries to integrate with her hosts, Rach will spend her time in the States striving to fit in with the locals by doing American type things. As I write, she’s probably sitting in a diner […]

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What Aint We Got?

As I flounder in search of inspiration for today’s literary topic, my eyes are drawn to the globe perched among the shelves of my dining room bookcase. The area of the sphere in my immediate vision the multitude South Pacific islands east of Australia. Tuvulu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and Tokelau just four of the hundreds of islands residing in that area of the world attracting my unreliable sight organs. Four names […]

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Four Trains & A Bus

I’m penning this literary offering in the English Lake District. An area of aesthetic charm bequeathed to the eye from it’s amalgam of rolling hills, quaint towns and some of our islands largest lakes south of Caledonia. A domain of slate roofed properties, Kendal Mint Cake and the only area in England where cuisine on a la carte menus is delivered in baskets….. Even the soup!. I’m a big fan […]

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