Birtley Breather

With my wife Karen currently spending time in County Durham caring for her recently widowed dad, I'll be home alone this week. A time I aim to spend constructively by waxing lyrical, scratching around and nattering over Emu's fate since Rod Hull's untimely demise. My wife's home town Birtley located just south of the Angel … Continue reading Birtley Breather

Meet Me In Montana

My daughter Rachel, who's been working in Canada for the last sixteen months, twelve days, 22 hours and thirty two minutes, is currently on vacation in the USA with her boyfriend. A lass who always tries to integrate with her hosts, Rach will spend her time in the States striving to fit in with the … Continue reading Meet Me In Montana

What Aint We Got?

As I flounder in search of inspiration for today's literary topic, my eyes are drawn to the globe perched among the shelves of my dining room bookcase. The area of the sphere in my immediate vision the multitude South Pacific islands east of Australia. Tuvulu, Kiribati, Vanuatu and Tokelau just four of the hundreds of … Continue reading What Aint We Got?

Four Trains & A Bus

I'm penning this literary offering in the English Lake District. An area of aesthetic charm bequeathed to the eye from it's amalgam of rolling hills, quaint towns and some of our islands largest lakes south of Caledonia. A domain of slate roofed properties, Kendal Mint Cake and the only area in England where cuisine on … Continue reading Four Trains & A Bus

Jukes of Hazard

Wednesday 20th June - Travelling back by train to Leeds from London last Sunday I commenced penning a narrative from the comfort of my perch in coach H. A piece of work I didn't finish, it was an unashamedly ridiculous tale of the strategy I employ when selecting crisp flavours. With a packed coach on … Continue reading Jukes of Hazard

Who Locked Grandad In The Loo?

On this day in mid-1960's Kirskstall, Leeds my younger brother Ian made his appearance into the world. Born at home, our kid arrived shortly after the conclusion of the second Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight. With Clay (latterly Muhammed Ali) winning by first round KO, Ian didn't turn up on time to witness Liston … Continue reading Who Locked Grandad In The Loo?

Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal

Thursday 17th May - I'm sat writing this monologue at the salon of my mum's hairdresser. My attendance here that of dutiful son patiently awaiting to drive his mater home post-haircut. Despite me being firmly entrenched in middle-age, mum feel moved to promise me a bag of M&S Peppa Pig candies if I'm a good … Continue reading Tuffy Hardcase & The Rhum Deal