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Pings Ain’t What They Used To Be

The sharp sound of a pinging bell – In Frank Capra’s classic 1946 feel good movie It’s A Wonderful Life, children were indoctrinated that the peal signified an angel had earned its wings. In that particular narrative the lucky recipient of a promotion was an oft overlooked old guy called Clarence, simple of mind but kind of spirit. As a kid growing up in the northern English town of Gateshead, life was relatively free of bell noises. […]

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A Race Against Time

As I commence this tome, I’m slouched on a dining table chair, attempting to muster up the enthusiasm for a rare journey into the domain of multi-tasking. This infrequent venture necessary to allow me to conclude my blog in parallel with securing gig tickets online. Like most guys, the capacity to only successfully manage one task at a time appears to be indelibly marked within my DNA. The only caveat being when my deoxyribonucleic acid is a benefactor of the aligned acts. Meaning, as my DNA has […]

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The One With Thingy In

Like many households these days, interactive TV has an ever growing usage in the Strachan home. This relatively new concept is our latter day court jester, available to entertain our brood at a whim. Be it catching up on a current drama, listening to a wealth of good music or binge watching a favourite boxset, it’s our ‘go to’ televisual choice when there is ‘nowt else on telly’. I bring up the subject of this form […]

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A Diminishing Window Of Opportunity

An early morning intervention of my nimbostratus nemesis scuppered todays plans of applying preservative to chez Strachan’s garden fencing. The wooden target area rendered untreatable by the thick charcoal cloud’s unwelcome precipitation. Even though I applied wood stain to the majority of my fence panels last year, this task remained a necessity as areas remain untreated due to being covered by deciduous climbing fauna. At the moment, I have a small window of opportunity to undertaken the work before […]

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The Consummate Cockney Salesman

Yesterday afternoon I met up for a beer with an old workmate I hadn’t seen for around three years. On rendezvousing in a pub at Leeds train station, it was immediately clear he’d lost none of his thirst in those intervening 36 months, not to mention his lugs still gave him the appearance of the FA Cup trophy. A south Londoner by descent, the buddy who I’ll call Danny (as that is his name) no […]

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Looking at the Stars

Comfort buying; the last bastion of the person unfulfilled by the costless gifts given to us by nature, art, a humanitarian act and the wisdom of an erudite mind. A route taken, although not recommended by Sat Nav, that draws in the misguided with false expectations of lasting existential contentment.   Comfort buying; the misplaced faith that a newly purchased gadget, car, clothes or Jedward cd will be the catalyst to restitution […]

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An Apple For Teacher

Yesterday was a productive day for me. After a hospital visit with Karen, where she underwent her four weekly treatment, I wrote a blog and cut my back lawn for the last time this year (hopefully). I followed this with a meander around the gardens at Temple Newsam House with my little Mrs, where we got temporarily lost in the maze. I’m not sure how we managed it as the […]

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