Rain Stops Dismay

In search of a strategy to help me relax during post-op recuperation, I'm currently listening to the calming sounds of rainfall on YouTube. This ten hour video, shot in a park on one static camera, bequeathing to it's viewer/listener the relaxing tones of cascading precipitation. I'd like to clarify, I don't intend listening to all … Continue reading Rain Stops Dismay

A Mug’s Game?

I'm not a gambling man - A comment I relay not out of self-righteousness, moreover to explain it's a pastime that doesn't provide me with the buzz it does many others. This being the case even if my punt bares fruit. With the exception of a few quid bet with course-side bookie at a race … Continue reading A Mug’s Game?

Turning The Music Down

A week ago today my family and I embarked on an unwanted existential odyssey of grieving. The unwelcome but not unexpected consequence of our clan leader's passing. In these fledgling days of sorrow, each member of the brood has dealt with this sad event in their own different ways. Some have offloaded their grief by shedding tears of despair at their loved one's loss. Others … Continue reading Turning The Music Down