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Ramblings From The Park Bench

I’ve just spent a cathartic couple of hours at Roundhay Park on the northern edge of our fair metropolis. As with the medicinal compound created by Lily the Pink ( the eponymous creation of beatnik poets The Scaffold), the jaunt was efficacious in everyway. Meandering amongst the mature trees, well-kempt grassy knolls and sporadic […]

You Say Braising, I Say Bracing

Yesterday my well wrapped spouse and I absorbed the therapeutic benefaction awarded by a stroll at Roundhay Park in north Leeds. To clarify, when I say well wrapped I’m referring to her being layered up clothing wise against the elements. Not that she’d been skilfully clad in lurid wrapping paper […]

Wintertide at Roundhay

Boosted by yesterday’s return of the prodigal sun, my wife and I embarked on the short journey to Roundhay Park for the afternoon. Temperatures were still low but, wrapped up against the chilling later winter wind, we had a pleasant sojourn with our long lost friend. Heart warmed to witness the solar […]

An Easy Choice

In a rare act of spontaneity, my wife and I had an impulsive drive to Roundhay Park this afternoon. The trip a result of the midday spousal question of “What do you fancy doing this afternoon?…… Either a trip to Roundhay Park, or watching Find You A House that Isn’t Shite on the Reality […]

Wisteria Hysteria

There’s nothing more therapeutic than a visit to Roundhay Park, in North Leeds……. With this in mind, it’s just a shame that I’m sat at home watching ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ on TV. Saying that, though, a few days back my wife and I did undertake the 15 minute drive on the outer ring road […]

Braise Yourself

This morning my wee wife and I went for a stroll at Roundhay Park. The chilling wind was so bracing that my little spouses jaw froze, meaning she became temporarily unable to say the word bracing. As a result, for a short time this morning, Karen described the strong breeze […]