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Ramblings From The Park Bench

I’ve just spent a cathartic couple of hours at Roundhay Park on the northern edge of our fair metropolis. As with the medicinal compound created by Lily the Pink ( the eponymous creation of beatnik poets The Scaffold), the jaunt was efficacious in everyway. Meandering amongst the mature trees, well-kempt grassy knolls and sporadic clusters of bedding plants, my angst at finding we’d run out of marmite at breakfast swiftly evaporated. Accompanying me during this serene wander was my wife […]

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You Say Braising, I Say Bracing

Yesterday my well wrapped spouse and I absorbed the therapeutic benefaction awarded by a stroll at Roundhay Park in north Leeds. To clarify, when I say well wrapped I’m referring to her being layered up clothing wise against the elements. Not that she’d been skilfully clad in lurid wrapping paper as a sacrificial gift to the god Hallmark…… He’d ordered the lamb. As we sauntered amongst the newly sprouting daffodils, […]

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Wintertide at Roundhay

Boosted by yesterday’s return of the prodigal sun, my wife and I embarked on the short journey to Roundhay Park for the afternoon. Temperatures were still low but, wrapped up against the chilling later winter wind, we had a pleasant sojourn with our long lost friend. Heart warmed to witness the solar rays again after its seemingly endless sabbatical, I felt uplifted as we meandered amongst the 700 acres of parkland. The […]

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An Easy Choice

In a rare act of spontaneity, my wife and I had an impulsive drive to Roundhay Park this afternoon. The trip a result of the midday spousal question of “What do you fancy doing this afternoon?…… Either a trip to Roundhay Park, or watching Find You A House that Isn’t Shite on the Reality channel, followed by Judge Rinder.” I don’t think I’ve ever got from the armchair in our living room to the driver’s seat of […]

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Wisteria Hysteria

There’s nothing more therapeutic than a visit to Roundhay Park, in North Leeds……. With this in mind, it’s just a shame that I’m sat at home watching ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ on TV. Saying that, though, a few days back my wife and I did undertake the 15 minute drive on the outer ring road to the aforementioned parkland. It was a bright autumnal day, so we planned to visually absorb the last remnants of the parks 2016’s perennial […]

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Braise Yourself

This morning my wee wife and I went for a stroll at Roundhay Park. The chilling wind was so bracing that my little spouses jaw froze, meaning she became temporarily unable to say the word bracing. As a result, for a short time this morning, Karen described the strong breeze that was battering that scenic part of north Leeds as “braising”, “braceting” and “bruising”. It was a strange phenomenon; especially […]

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