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In recent years I’ve embraced a more contrarian nature than previously adopted during earlier adult life. Middle-age granting me the wisdom that staying true to my beliefs were an infinitely preferable bedfellow to compromising principles to curry favour. The latter displays of appeasement frustratingly occasionally granted to people completely unworthy of my respect. My former behaviour manifesting from a misguided belief I was following a laudable strategy to improve/maintain popularity. […]

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Solving A Conundrum

Yesterday I wrote a narrative disclosing ten things you probably didn’t know about me. It was light hearted list, deliberately made daft, irrelevant, and uninformative. Without re-reading it, I can’t recollect most of the nonsense I penned; the only one springing to mind being ‘Little Jimmy Osmond taught my dog the piano.’…… A fact that was, of course, ridiculous and clearly untrue…….. Jimmy was a trombone teacher! After reading the draft prose, my wife Karen expressed disappointment at the inane choices I’d included within […]

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Shock Revelations

They say everyday is a school day. Folklore dictates that within every 24 hour period a minuscule, or maybe even a significant, piece of information will fill a previously empty knowledge void. This can happen at any time of day, apart from when your asleep (unless you receive subliminal messages during slumber). I don’t think there is a limit on the number of daily educational attainments you receive. It’s not […]

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