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Dedication Is What You Need

My current existential circumstances are contributing to an unwanted neurological fog at the moment. Yesterday (Monday), I was so confused that I posted a Throwback Tuesday blog, and today I’m dressed in my Sunday best. Not knowing what day it is has been passed down generations of Strachan males. This wasn’t the consequence of any mental capability deficiently, moreover the misguided family trait of trusting the information in products from the Dyslexic Calendar Co. Ltd. This foolhardy strategy meant […]

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Solitude & All Its Friends

With my wife and daughter up in the north east of England on a visit to my spouses parents, I have the freedom of chez Strachan this weekend. So after concluding this blog I can indulge myself as I so wish. Without thought for anyone (apart from perhaps the swan and the unicorn) I can dine on swan, drink unicorn milk cocktails and play Dragon’s Bollocks III on the Playstation […]

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