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Carry On D’Campoing

I dined out at Ginos restaurant on Park Row, in Leeds, yesterday evening. This sojourn, a date night with the missus involving consumption of an original Neapolitan pizza, a discussion about ferrets, along with a tribute to an entertainer from our youth…… My wife and me are nothing if not eclectic in our conversational topics. The original Neapolitan pizza, created bereft of tomato sauce, is a particular favourite of mine. […]

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Fe Fi Fo Fum…..

I’m on the way back from Newcastle by locomotive as I convey this tale of my overnight stop in the north east of England. Despite foolishly decided to wear my porcupine skin undies on my return journey to Yorkshire, the carriage seat provides an adequate comfort level. A much needed change of scenery turned out to be a great fillip for yours truly. As usual, my brother Ian and his fiancée Ann proved to […]

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Taking Precautions

I’m writing this ensconced in seat 32 of Carriage A of the Leeds to Newcastle. I’m due to arrive in the locale of my formative years at approximately 2.45 pm. I will then head on via the Metro to the domicile my younger brother shares with his fiancée Ann. Granted, none of the above detail is overly interesting, but I wanted to be specific with my travel arrangements in the […]

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Practical Gift For A 50 Year Old

I’ve just booked my train tickets for my venture up to the north east of England tomorrow. With hospitality courtesy of my brother Ian and his fiancée Ann, in addition to an evening imbibing beer in the company of affable friends, it’s a welcome diversion from the less salubrious elements de l’existence de Gary Strachan. The gathering in Gateshead has been organised to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday. If it follows the […]

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