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Ken Barlow’s Jacket

Looking through my mum’s dining room windows outside an uncharacteristic, almost dream like, serenity plays out in front of me. Bereft of breeze and the usual noise from nearby house builders and coyote howl, it appears life in East Ardsley has been placed on pause. This scene instilling thoughts I’ve stepped into an art house film. A movie that’ll only appeal to a niche market, my character mute, the scenery […]

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The Wrong Pans

Scene – It’s just gone 8 pm on a Friday evening in the Burmantofts area of Leeds. The fledgling dusk is around an hour old and under lamplight outside an oncology unit and ambulance slowly approaches the entrance. Once stationary at the entrance area, an octogenarian patient is taken from the medical vehicle by portable bed. A mattress on which he’s laid since the commencement of his transfer from a […]

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