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Maggie Anne, Tin Can

Now Delaney had a donkey that everyone admired Temporarily lazy and permanently tired A leg at every corner balancing his head And a tail to let you know which end he wanted to be fed…… Introductory lines of a traditional Irish folk song that late entertainer Val Doonican jokingly credited with turning him into an overnight success after sixteen years of trying. This particular tune, titled Delaney’s Donkey, a catchy […]

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Family Re-invigorated

Colour has returned to Leeds 15. The predominantly monochrome snow scenes bequeathed by the Beast from the East finally succumbing to a raise in outside temperatures. Now in a form of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, it undertakes a altogether new strategy of disruption in the form of sporadic flooding. The weather was discussed yesterday among the guests at my mum’s Wakefield abode. Family and friends who’d gathered […]

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Maggie’s Advice For Mrs Worthington

Yesterday evening, I ambled down memory lane in the company of old vinyl albums and my pater. During this saunter, he and I re-visited the easy on the ear tunes of David Gate’s Bread, the melancholic songs of Phil Collins first solo album and a clutch of Paul Simon classics. Our sojourn ending in the 1960’s Sands club, Las Vegas with the Rat Pack treating us to standards from the Great American Songbook. I took a selection […]

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