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Careless Critiques

Around four summers ago I started a Twitter account called @MovieLazy as an alternative writing conduit to my then existing personal Twitter account @gjstrac63. It was inspired by a member of my family who when asked about the plot line of six times Oscar winning 1942 movie Mrs Miniver, answered “It’s about a woman called Mrs Miniver.” I thought the complete lack of detail in the film review, which basically […]

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What Goes On In Film Noir Club….

Via the miracle of social media, yesterday evening I received a ‘Dear Editor…..’ correspondence from a mate purporting to be ‘Disgruntled from Shrewsbury’. During this eloquently worded critique they felt moved to highlight key omissions in yesterday’s narrative England Win, Lake & Calmer. England Win, Lake & Calmer being a whimsical monologue giving a brief insight into our weekend trip to the Lake District along with six other friends. For […]

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Magnanimous Mike

Yesterday I wrote of Monday evening’s attendance at the premiere of a movie chronicling Leeds United’s successful four year period (1988-1992), under the stewardship of Howard Wilkinson. That narrative ended at the point we’d left the cinema; making the short stroll towards The White Swan pub located next to the City Varieties theatre. Once ensconced within the pub, my buddy Mike and me headed toward the bar for our free beer. The thought of a […]

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Howard’s Way

Yesterday evening I attended a movie premiere in Leeds city centre. It’s the first red carpet event I’ve ever been involved in, unless you count last month when I clumsily knocking over a full bottle of rioja on the living room floor. In the company of footballing royalty, West Yorkshire dignitaries and fellow Leeds United fans, friend Mike and I witnessed the unveiling of the movie Do You Want To Win? This […]

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Being ‘on my tod’ over the weekend has allowed me a period of reflection on matters existential. Some quiet time to recharge my batteries and learn the words to Sinatra’s ballad Strangers in the Night. As a result, I’ve now got fully charged batteries for my remote controls, torches and my rotating bow tie. Additionally, I’m now in possession of a new party piece to replace my melodic but tired […]

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I encountered a new experience in movie watching on Saturday afternoon, when my wife and I ventured to the Everyman cinema in Leeds city centre, where we took in the movie La La Land. The novel occurrence to which I refer wasn’t taking my wife out (although it is fairly rare), or the fact I didn’t trough a large bag of popcorn before the trailers had even finished (which I’ve been known […]

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