The Luckier I Get?

Yesterday afternoon I spent quite some time creating three seperate books in readiness for self-publication. These tomes bearing narratives I wrote at various points during 2015; prose not previously incorporated amongst the other twenty four literary chronicles I've written. I'm unsure why, unlike everything I've written since the start of 2016, I'd never previously recorded … Continue reading The Luckier I Get?

Ornaments That Take The Biscuit

I ventured to a wondrous place this afternoon. In the company of my wife and mon mater we journeyed to a domain where there was a santa's grotto, a plethora of garden lighting consumables, more pot pours than the Frank Edward's Pot Pourri Emporium and bejewelled gardening gloves fit for Liberace....... Well they would be if … Continue reading Ornaments That Take The Biscuit