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The Luckier I Get?

Yesterday afternoon I spent quite some time creating three seperate books in readiness for self-publication. These tomes bearing narratives I wrote at various points during 2015; prose not previously incorporated amongst the other twenty four literary chronicles I’ve written. I’m unsure why, unlike everything I’ve written since the start of 2016, I’d never previously recorded these monologues into book form. Although I think my works improved with time, I’d venture […]

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Ornaments That Take The Biscuit

I ventured to a wondrous place this afternoon. In the company of my wife and mon mater we journeyed to a domain where there was a santa’s grotto, a plethora of garden lighting consumables, more pot pours than the Frank Edward’s Pot Pourri Emporium and bejewelled gardening gloves fit for Liberace……. Well they would be if he liked horticulture and, more importantly, hadn’t passed away decades ago. As we meandered around this […]

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