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The Poor Man’s Alexa

This morning my wife and I had a sojourn west to the White Rose Shopping Centre (WR). It was an edifying venture to the premier retail mall in South Leeds (source – ). It was at this retail utopia that, amongst other things, I inadvertently learnt the meaning of the word edifying during a random scan of a dictionary in WH Smith. Let me be clear, I don’t ordinarily […]

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That Slugworth, He Was The Worst!

I don’t use the word propensity much. In fact, you could say I have the propensity to not utilise the word propensity. I’ve nothing against the colloquialism per sa, however, I have the tendency to proffer the word tendency in its place. Alternately, I sometimes have the inclination to use inclination as a substitute for propensity or tendency. On a rare occasion, I’ve had the predisposition to replace propensity, tendency […]

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