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Mullets, Morris Dancers & Martin Lewis

As I commence this offering, I’m sitting in what’s classed as the Popular Enclosure at Emerald Headingley cricket stadium. In the absence of my laptop, I’m typing this narrative on my mobile phone – An onerous task but not as difficult as, say, writing this with a leadless pencil, or Cheesestrings***. *** – Other processed cheese snacks are available – Be aware, though, they’re equally inept for use as a writing […]

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Rain Didn’t Stop Play

Friday 27th April – This morning, grey clouds and precipitation enveloped the Leeds 6 area. Unwelcome meteorological conditions greeting my family and me as we stood by the Headingley Stadium memorial garden. Our mission in the moisture to scatter the remnants of my fathers ashes. His final resting place located behind the imposing East Stand of Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s home ground, close to the scoreboard. A hundred metres or […]

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The Forgettable Birthday Gift

I was reminded earlier that it’s two years since ‘that’ journey. An ordeal that lives long in my son and my memory; a time where we witnessed hitherto unseen traits of malevolence from an ordinarily unassuming family member. A hair raising ten mile white knuckle ride, courtesy of uncharacteristic arbitrary driving by my pater (Mally), exacerbated by his even rarer display of road rage. Not that Mally found it hair raising as he’s been bereft of locks since the stress of hearing Jane […]

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