Recklessness During Wordplay

Thursday 7th June - Yesterday, as my spouse and me sauntered aimlessly around Ilkley's inclines, something struck me. Mercifully, that something wasn't the bus I almost stepped in front of on Leeds Road in the centre of the Yorkshire spa town. Ironically, the thought causing my concentration to wander while crossing the road was the … Continue reading Recklessness During Wordplay

Charlie Says…..

Like most individuals, I find the current posturing and rhetoric emanating from North Korea and the USA distasteful and deeply disturbing. Witnessing these scenes on yesterday's news bulletins, and mulling over their potential consequences, brought to mind a 1980 public information film (PIF) on surviving a nuclear attack. Before proceeding, I want to clarify I find nothing remotely humorous about nuclear war, or … Continue reading Charlie Says…..