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A Little Shy & Sad Of Eye

Karen and I have a houseguest for the weekend in the shape of the beautiful Sophia. A little shy and sad of eye, this enchanting Cavalier King Charles spaniel could melt the very frostiest of hearts……. Well, maybe not melt your heart, but subject you to such skilled emotional blackmail techniques she’ll consume half of your dinner. Manfully attempting to focus on penning this narrative, my concentration levels are engaged […]

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Succumbing To Those Sad Eyes

We have a canine guest for a day or two. The dog in question is young Sophie the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, copper of hue and sad of eye. She is currently covering half of the sofa like Lady Avashight, sleeping off her recent walk around this suburb of Leeds. As I manfully attempt to focus while penning this narrative, my concentration levels are diminishing due to our furry visitors snoring, along with my wife’s cacophonous phone call. I’m not […]

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