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Mission Improbable

It’s 1553 hour on Sunday 15th October as I commence this chronicle de ma journee. The delay in the penning of these cursory lexilogical meanderings not through procrastination on my part, moreover indulging in higher priority horticultural maintenance for mater. Your mission (the reader), should you wish to accept it, is to read the following 500 words or so then seek out the perpetrator of these crimes against literature and […]

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Carry On Doctor X

Yesterday afternoon I drove a friend (who for the purposes of anonymity I shall call Dr X) to a day care clinic. I volunteered my chauffeuring services as he was scheduled to undergo a minor medical procedure which would render him unable to drive. The clinic is a relatively new building providing a clean, light, fresh and light environment, apart from a guy who looked like a vagabond sat adjacent […]

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