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As I commence this second narrative of the day, I’m sitting in an eatery on the food/drink mezzanine area at the White Rose Shopping Centre. Around twenty minutes ago, I became the recipient of a sharp new haircut; consequently, I’m now bereft of the bizarre kiss curl that’d become my recent unwelcome fringe trademark. This unintended hair accoutrement giving me a look of an out of shape, but less anxious, […]

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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Yesterday evening I met up with my son Jonny and his work colleagues, some of who I’d been acquainted with in my 20 years at the same financial institution where he currently plies his trade. The occasion being leaving drinks for his ex-boss (who for purposes of anonymity I’ll call Arnold). I didn’t give Jonny a pseudonym for the purposes of anonymity as I only have one son. Meaning once I’d mentioned meeting up with my […]

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Unexplainable Tales During Torpor

Possibly as a consequence of inadequate sleep longevity, I don’t normally recollect my dreams. This morning, though, being woken by a phone call during a deep sleep enabled me to recall random neurological meanderings during slumber. Please bear in mind this blog is the transcription of this dream and as such is absolutely flipping nuts!……. Warning – Enter this blog at your own peril!! The location of my ‘Tales During Torpor’ was in Sydney, Australia, where […]

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