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Eggcentric Visiting Gifts

It’s Saturday morning. Sitting here in the dining room of my parents house on the Wakefield/Leeds borders, I’m mulling over my itinerary for this pleasant autumnal day. As I’m easily distracted, though, I don’t envisage this period of contemplation will be overly protracted. My mum has been in the kitchen updating their fridge magnets with the latest news on her beloved husband, who remains in-situ in a West Yorkshire hospital. It’s an eccentric one-way exchange, […]

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Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

With our family head’s health taking a turn for the worse, Thursday was a particularly tough day for our clan’s emotional state. Ensconced in one of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals all week, his condition appeared to be deteriorating as each day dawned. Without going into too much detail, pater’s condition twenty four hours ago saw him almost fully dependent on nursing care. A distressing scene for us all, in particular his spouse of 57 years, […]

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Return To The Waiting Room

As I commence this yarn, I’m sitting in the bowels of the Clarendon Wing, at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). Perched beside me are two family members; dynasty heads, positive of demeanour and caring of character. One is reading an article on cholesterol, during a rare venture from the sports pages of the newspaper, the Daily Propaganda. The other his spouse, ill-at-ease with having to observe a not often undertaken semblance of silence, […]

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Unwanted Gift, Unwanted Guest

After penning a narrative yesterday about my dad, who is a poorly chap at the minute, I was heartened to be the recipient of kind feedback, along with good wishes from family and friends. Amongst this was a request for me to write more about him (Mally) as “…he seems a really nice guy.” This request surprised me a tad as it came from my mum, who’s been married to him for 56 years! […]

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One Day More, Mally!

As I pen this narrative, I’m currently sitting at the Bexley oncology wing with my dad (Mally). My mum, who is also in attendance, reckons today is his penultimate radiotherapy session. Although I’m pretty sure she’s incorrect and it’s his second last treatment. As I write this he is filling his time reading a tabloid newspaper. It is a publication that regularly feels it has a moral duty to scaremonger about severe weather forecasts, […]

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