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My Waiting Room Buddy

As a consequence of my diminutive missus’ consultation with her oncologist today, along with follow up treatment tomorrow, another round of visits to Leeds Teaching hospitals commences today. As I write this, I’m currently in the waiting room of St James’ Bexley Wing with Karen and around a score of other patients and families. It’s a light, modern chamber with nursing staff and oncologists flitting around servicing their patients appointments. Akin to a night […]

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Breaking Bad Habits

Annoying habits. We all have and subject people to them. Without exception, we have to endure other peoples, which are always more annoying than ours (cough, cough)! My personal pesky foibles include grinding my jaw to such an extent I wouldn’t look out of place in a gurning competition, tapping on the arms of the chair when watching TV and occasionally conversing in a preposterous whistling language. In the latter, I […]

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