During the half century I've resided on this dysfunctional planet I've been confronted by numerous intriguing life questions. Among them an irritational compulsion to unearth what the Q stood for in the name of my childhood optician JQ Summers. The affable Scotsman who practised his ophthalmic trade in a shop opposite the Cannon pub on … Continue reading Q

Fire Up The DeLorean, Marty!

For the first time since childhood, this morning I'd cause to utilise Germolene antiseptic cream. I'll openly admit it not the most interesting minutiae you'll hear today. However, I felt moved to mention undertaking the act as, with it's distinctive aroma, exposure to this germ battling lotion evoked memories of my fledgling years. On suffering … Continue reading Fire Up The DeLorean, Marty!

Tower Town Tale

I had a drive over to Blackpool yesterday, dropping mater off at the home of long-standing close family friends - A clan who've been thick as thieves with my brood since meeting in their native Leeds in early 1960's. Although the tower town is a place I've not visited much in adulthood, it's a domain … Continue reading Tower Town Tale

The Eleven Pauls

I was saddened yesterday to read of ex-Leeds United utility man Paul Madeley's death at the age of 73. A consummate professional footballer, Madeley displayed career long loyalty to the team who played a few hundred yards from his childhood home. For eighteen years, a class act on and off field, representing both club and … Continue reading The Eleven Pauls

Off Spinning In His Grave

I see the Aussie cricket team have admitted to ball tampering during the last Test Match against South Africa at the weekend. An incident that led to the Australian Prime Minister appeared in the press condemning team captain Steve Smith and others who sanctioned or carried out the act of cheating. The Aussies were copped … Continue reading Off Spinning In His Grave

Loco Motives

Childhood domain bound, tracks below feet Domicile o’ inculcation, though birthplace possesses heart Half century crisis of identity, through yeti unable to embrace Self-induced purgatory, mind tormented for his folly If purgatory a halfway house, then has he departed? His final journey, destination redemption.   Locomotive, what are loco man’s motives Tracks are not of tears, … Continue reading Loco Motives

I Didn’t Know It Was Swearing Mum!!

A few days back I relayed recollections from my young childhood. While I mulled over a topic for today's prose my wife Karen, who'd enjoyed that prose, suggested I journal further memories from the same era........... Only funny ones this time. To be honest, what she really said “Was it you who ate that last Kit … Continue reading I Didn’t Know It Was Swearing Mum!!