Birtley Breather

With my wife Karen currently spending time in County Durham caring for her recently widowed dad, I'll be home alone this week. A time I aim to spend constructively by waxing lyrical, scratching around and nattering over Emu's fate since Rod Hull's untimely demise. My wife's home town Birtley located just south of the Angel … Continue reading Birtley Breather

England Win, Lake & Calmer

After a hectic few weeks of adventuring by train to gigs, historic cities, international cricket games, and basking in the stunning Lakeland scenery, I'm happy to report I've quieter few days ahead. Writing, along with the maintenance of two family gardens thus far being my only scheduled activities for this week. I'm unsure as to … Continue reading England Win, Lake & Calmer

Time For A Break?

As I'm finding penning a daily blog of 500 words minimum is starting to make my head hurt, I was going to take a break from writing today. A consideration added to by news from my solicitors the Lenovo Ideapad, on which I ply my lexilogical trade, is threatening litigation. Apparently, this the result of it's cumulative weekly … Continue reading Time For A Break?

Inner Tranquillity in Outer Whitby

I’m back in West Yorkshire after a salubrious break at the charming Raithwaite Country Retreat in Whitby. An early birthday treat courtesy of my little Durham born missus, this hideaway location provided a tranquillity within my soul that I’d not experienced for a long time. From the affable concierge’s greeting on arrival to the au revoir from a … Continue reading Inner Tranquillity in Outer Whitby


Being ‘on my tod’ over the weekend has allowed me a period of reflection on matters existential. Some quiet time to recharge my batteries and learn the words to Sinatra’s ballad Strangers in the Night. As a result, I’ve now got fully charged batteries for my remote controls, torches and my rotating bow tie. Additionally, … Continue reading Reflections

A Successful Recipe For The Lad’s Weekend

Take nine middle aged guys, four prescriptions of blood pressure tablets, five bottles of statins, three failing prostates, copious amount of beer, one urine sample in the fridge, two fry up breakfasts and an ambulance on standby. Then mix them all together in a chalet cottage in a picturesque Lake District town for the weekend. Add watching sport, heated political … Continue reading A Successful Recipe For The Lad’s Weekend

Listeners Never Hear Any Good!

Everyday I endeavour to fill in knowledge voids by learning a new fact. Today on the bus back to my hotel from Chester city centre, I learned not one but three informational nuggets I was unaware of on waking from this morning's slumber. Firstly, I overheard the guy adjacent educate his disinterested looking wife that in San Francisco there are eight avenues called Love Street. … Continue reading Listeners Never Hear Any Good!