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My Waiting Room Buddy

As a consequence of my diminutive missus’ consultation with her oncologist today, along with follow up treatment tomorrow, another round of visits to Leeds Teaching hospitals commences today. As I write this, I’m currently in the waiting room of St James’ Bexley Wing with Karen and around a score of other patients and families. It’s a light, modern chamber with nursing staff and oncologists flitting around servicing their patients appointments. Akin to a night […]

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Mysteron Mistruths

My little girl is 24 years old in a couple of days. I’d say those summers have flown past like migrating chaffinches, however that’s too clichéd and, if truth be told, it hasn’t really. It seems an age since the midwife passed her to me like a scrum half passes a rugby ball, in the early hours of that day in mid March 1993. On receipt of my newly born […]

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