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Archive for January 23rd, 2017

Business As Usual

As I mentioned yesterday, the Strachan abode is currently being graced by a captivating house guest of the canine variety. When I arrived at the breakfast table this morning, there was no sign of the little lady. On asking my wife of her whereabouts, she responded “She’s in the back garden doing her business.” Being unsure of what that was, I looked out of the rear bay window and was relieved to see […]

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Opera – Compositions, Conducting & Consumption

The all knowing master of social media Facebook has just reminded me that two years ago today I received a ticket for The Marriage of Figaro. This news stirred fond recollections of my upbeat mood upon the vouchers receipt twenty four months ago…… After all, you can’t beat a good wedding, can you? I had chosen to take in this production after relishing my first experience of opera in 2014, when I counted myself among the audience of […]

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