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Visions On Vine

Visages staring from branches o’ shrubbery Perennial renderings in tree and bush exhibition Unfailingly stern or melancholic in façade None smile at yeti, dans le beau jardin What intimation thy presence moot.   Why face mournful evergreen verdure? Fauna existence akin to sapiens morose? Plant Prozac may uplift from mental canker Lavender lithium may sooth thy angst Neurotransmitters desire sustenance phostrogen.   Institute warning? Aegis witness? Thy gargoyle display promises […]

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“I was in Baghdad when you were in your dad’s bag.” Proffered forefather, mischievous of trait, maternal of line Playfully admonishing grandson for misguided patronisation “In Armley Jail, you get no ale” A ditty to same boy, courtesy of paternal rooted gramps Tongue in cheek indoctrination of folly of crime Ancestors DNA disparate, humour homogenous.   WWII paters, with weapons of wit Advice in 70s from men in their 70’s Erudite […]

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Paean World

Exclamation mark overload of rookie penman Grammar erratic, improvement thine goal Critique from academic justified on curve tutorial Veiled feedback pivotal for hirsute dreamer Gratitude to academic, her evaluation requisite Sets deluded man of hair, on terra firma anew Still seeking amnesty from grammar police.   Words of academic, tuition, guidance Adherence essential, dovetailing with mother language doyens. Jack o’ all trades, yet mastering them requires yeti’s yakka Literary employ […]

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Nowhere Man On The Hill

Mushy mind, emotions spent Enduring anger persists at karma’s folly Dysfunction reigns, parasol protects not Pretentious prose mine novel distraction Wordsworth without the words Shelley without the shell.   Unrelenting detritus, any plans to move on? Like fab quartet mused, fool on the hill’s wants are excessive not Nowt high maintenance sought by nowhere man Peace of mind his solitary goal on mystery tour All the lonely people, where do they all […]

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Job Judgemental

Disparaging judge in ivory tower Deflecting deficiencies with efficacious venom Concern thyself with flaws of reflected image Assess not the non-reflected Their footsteps thou hasn’t ambulated.   Paragon of virtue, self-appointed of role Cast first stone if without sin On realisation of thy flaws, humility exhibit Return stone groundward, polish glass house in lieu Judge instead a journey in the non-reflected’s footprints.   Backstabbing miscreant, villain of misinformation Negativity your default […]

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O’night Dream

O’night dream, connotation concealed Taunting soul wi’ secret elucidation Norn man regressed to childhood forefathers domain Loft hiding clandestine past Water tank, Pandora’s Box Norn man reticent to unlatch   O’night dream, connotation concealed Recurring visit to furrowed playing fields of youth Like a spectre, Norn man adorns all white Only ghosting though is beyond opposition. Utopian time in No 8 sock tags   O’night dream, connotation concealed Norn man […]

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The Only Outlet

Only outlet to bid adieu? Malcontent’s frustration, the gift that keeps giving What respite for the tortured yeti? Anger directed at negative imbecilic cankers of one score and ten summers Who’ve conspired with the carcinogenic canker of seven winters With objective of diminishing yeti’s spirit; his melancholy to nurture.   Chewy’s enduring misfortune manifest a dwindling faith Notions of future fortunes illuminated plummet despairingly Witnesses half full crystal glass morphing to semi empty beaker […]

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