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A Kick in the Orbs of Atrocity

On Friday evening I was in situ at first direct arena, Leeds,  with my wee Durham born spouse. The purpose behind our saunter to the state of the art music venue was to witness a gig by American singer/songwriter John Legend,  My wife Karen endearingly refers to the slick soul singer as John Legen; apparently unable to suffix his name with the letter ‘d’ as written. This phenomenon made even more bizarre by the fact […]

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Slings & Arrows

In the past couple of days I’ve found it difficult to find a sustained period of time to sit down and write. My busier than usual schedule the consequence of assisting other family members in the care of my dad, who has had a bad few days on his enduring recuperation from the major surgery he underwent in June. Although there has to be an acceptance that an octogenarian will encounter the slings and arrows of fortune […]

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Small Steps; Big Hearts

Yesterday afternoon, within the welcoming environment of our parents home, my sister Helen, her husband Steve, daughter Megan, my wife Karen and I cordially lunched with mater and pater. As ever, the quality of the buffet lunch didn’t disappoint. If food critic Egon Ronay had have been present he would have undoubtedly bestowed a glittering review on the feast provided by mum and dad (Maggie & Malcolm). Although always heart-warming to read a good […]

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The Cropping of Maggie’s Locks

It’s Thursday 17th August at 12:20 pm, as I look out at the back garden the sun’s glare makes a welcome tarriance after the deluge of overnight precipitation. Such powerful rainfall my garden borders appear to have been jet blasted as I’d slept. Consequently, the thinner stemmed flora and fauna looked very sorry for themselves, staring groundward as though bowing subserviently in the presence of royalty. To clarify, there isn’t any regal presence dans mon jardin, unless you count the King […]

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Lifestyle Tweaks

I’m in the process of attempting to address the unhealthier elements of my life. This strategy has seen me reduce my diet of fat based food, have a Personal Trainer draw me up an exercise and diet plan, and cessation of utilising the word clunge. This personal fitness and diet programme has already seen me lose 25 pounds, unfortunately that wasn’t weight, I had my pocket picked during a power walk. Seriously, though, I […]

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The Folly of Self-Diagnosis

This morning I overheard two middle-aged women exchanged details of ailments recently highlighted to them by their orthodontist. From my shameful eavesdropping on their gassing, I learnt there was such medical conditions as ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome’ and ‘Geographic Tongue’. Additionally, l acquired the knowledge, which if I’m honest I knew anyway, that I’m a right nosey get. I have to admit, hearing of these hitherto unknown oral syndrome monikers made me smile. They seemed such […]

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Dr X Marks The Spot

I was reminded today that this time last year I drove a friend (who for the purposes of anonymity I shall call Dr X) to a day care clinic. I volunteered my chauffeuring services as he was scheduled to undergo a minor medical procedure which would render him unable to drive. As we sat in the waiting room after a 10 minute wait, confusion reigned as my good friend seemed oblivious to his name being called by the theatre […]

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