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Uninformative Movie Reviews – Blog #24

Yesterday I wrote of a Twitter account I’d set up inspired by a family member. This light bulb moment following their response of “It’s about a woman called Mrs Miniver” to my question “What’s the movie ‘Mrs Miniver’ about?” I loved how uninformative the review was. This gave me the idea to write a few reviews of various films, giving no tangible indication of the writer’s moviegoing experience. As I want […]

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Another Claim to Fame? – Blog #23

The other day I wrote about Karen’s and my claims to fame. Earlier I was thinking further on the subject, and now feel the fact I attended the same secondary school as ex-England footballers Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne and Steve Stone is slightly less rubbish than maybe having a distant relationship to Hitchcock! I’m slightly reticent about mentioning it because I didn’t know either of them, as I’m a older and […]

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I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi – Blog #22

This morning my Facebook timeline announced to its vast social media audience that a family friend was now ‘In a Relationship’. I’m reliably informed by a younger, more streetwise family member that this status change on Facebook is a big deal, as it is global confirmation your relationship is official. It’s not quite the modern equivalent of an engagement announcement in The Times. However, it indicates you’ve resolved your issues […]

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Romance, Prop Forwards & Ogres – Blog #21

It was a quiet but calming evening at home last night. The ambience was pleasant apart from the occasional beeping of horns or the shouts of “Tosser!” from irascible motorists in Colton Retail Park! As Karen and I looked out onto the newly trimmed lawn and coiffured borders of the back garden, we listened to song thrushes chirping a merry tune as they congregated on the window sill outside. Inside […]

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And The Winner Is! – Blog #19

I had a nice surprise this morning when I received a call from the West Yorkshire Creosote Association. They rang to advice that one of my blogs had been nominated in their ‘Blog Written Without Use of the F-Word’ category, in their upcoming monthly awards ceremony. This is a prestigious monthly black tie event held at the Thorburn Scout Hut in the presence of dignitaries and esteemed guestsm such as Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent […]

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Do You Know The Way to San Jose?

I wrote yesterday of an acquaintance who was offering Nectar points to women on a dating site as an incentive to date him. Today I’ve decided to use a similar marketing model to increase the number of followers on my website! …. So from today I’ve decided to offer a free haircut to everyone who follows me on my site…….. I’d like to add that I’m not trained to […]

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