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Raccoons, Crisp Portions & Niagra Falls

It’s been a quiet few days in Chez Strachan. Apart from a piano lesson, some gardening and posting a picture of a raccoon hitching a ride on the back of an alligator on Facebook, I’ve not done a great deal. The raccoon picture was one of those random sights I couldn’t resist sharing. Bizarrely, whilst looking on Twitter earlier someone had retweeted a picture of a raccoon carrying a cat! […]

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Inclement Weather, Philosophy & Honeycombs

Precipitation engulfs east Leeds this Saturday morning. A sign of the changeable climate in the UK is summed up in this picture of my barbeque. Yesterday it was a cooking grill, today it is a saturated garden ornament. I recently read some philosophy about rain, which I thought I’d share:- “To understand the philosophy of this beautiful and often sublime phenomenon, so often witnessed since the creation of the world, […]

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The Sword of Damocles

It was my wife Karen’s birthday yesterday. It’s a day we never thought she’d see when originally diagnosed with incurable cancer over four years ago. However, excellent medical care from consultants, doctors, neurologists, treatments, and medication; combined with her fight, courage and desire not to give up have contributed to unexpected longevity………. Her spirit and tenacity are truly inspirational! All of this has been played out by her with little […]

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Cornucopia, Corn on The Cob, Corny Jokes

As we hurtle towards the longest day in the UK, I’m sitting staring out at the cornucopia of colour in the herbaceous borders of my back garden. Whilst taking in the aesthetically pleasing view nature has bestowed on me, I can’t help but think “What the hell does cornucopia mean, and did I use it in the right context above?!” Ah, who cares?! I’m not getting paid for this! ……Tell […]

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Brief Encounter, Anagrams & Slogging

When Trevor Howard bode a lip quivering farewell to Celia Johnson as her train departed in David Lean’s 1945 movie ‘Brief Encounter’, it became one of the most iconic goodbyes in movie history. Trevor saying goodbye to Celia ….. I thought of this moment as I was dropped off at Leeds train station by my dad on Saturday morning. There was no kissing or tears. just a manly shake of […]

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Road Trip to Strachan – Part Three

The second part of my trilogy of the tale of my road trip to Strachan, Aberdeenshire ended with me describing my visit to the captivating Dunnottar Castle at Stonehaven. After an hour or so of taking multiple photographs and starting to feel rather peckish, I decided to head twenty miles north to Aberdeen for a bite to eat and undertake further sight seeing. As I headed towards the Granite City, the heavens […]

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