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Rough Journey – Blog #10

I have been chatting to my friend Joe today who has just had a bad flight back from Paphos in Cyprus. Joe is normally a very good flier but on this occasion he spent four hours feeling nauseous, angry, despondent and in a highly agitated state. I suppose that will teach him to pick ‘Jedward – The Autobiography’ as his inbound flight book to read! I think his health isn’t […]

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The Secret of a Window Cleaner – Blog #9

This is a fictional short story written for college. As you may have guessed this had to be on the subject of a window cleaners secret ……… When I was asked to write a short story on this topic the first thing it brought to mind a film from the 1970’s called ‘Confessions of a Window Cleaner’. It was a bawdy comedy in the style of the ‘Carry On’ genre […]

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My Kinda Town Hobbs Is! – Blog #8

This is a fictional short narrative written in the first person about a writer from Hobbs, New Mexico who has been tasked with writing about the towns rodeo history ………………… Francis Albert Sinatra once sang that Chicago was his kind of town. I’m not really sure why I’m telling you this as it’s not really relevant. It might come in handy, though, if you get asked it in a quiz […]

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Is that really Cheryl Cole’s phone number? – Blog #7

Everyday these days seems to be a day of celebration or acknowledgement of someone or something! Be it Grandparents Day, Auntie Maureen Day, My Shoes Are On Fire Day to name a few……. Ok I admit it I made the last two up utilising a modicum of artistic licence in an attempt to strengthen my argument! (which is lucky because I couldn’t find a card for either in Hallmark!). I […]

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Scientists Discover People In Glass Houses Can Throw Stones After All – Blog #5

There was good news today for anyone who lives in a house that is built of predominantly glass when scientists revealed that there was actually no real reason why they cannot throw stones. “We have undertaken extensive research and discovered that as long they throw them away from their houses, people have spent years showing unnecessary restraint when it comes to rock hurling.” we were told by Arnold Harrison whose […]

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Postcard From Fuerteventura – Blog #4

Having a great time in Fuerteventura and the hotel is top notch. The holiday didn’t start too well though as, due to the heavy overhead cloud, the very barren landscape on the way to Corralejo and some of the hairy arsed inhabitants on the bus, I felt as though I was in a remake of ‘Return to Planet Of the Apes’! My mood was not helped by the fact a […]

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