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And The Winner Is! – Blog #19

I had a nice surprise this morning when I received a call from the West Yorkshire Creosote Association. They rang to advice that one of my blogs had been nominated in their ‘Blog Written Without Use of the F-Word’ category, in their upcoming monthly awards ceremony. This is a prestigious monthly black tie event held […]

Do You Know The Way to San Jose?

I wrote yesterday of an acquaintance who was offering Nectar points to women on a dating site as an incentive to date him. Today I’ve decided to use a similar marketing model to increase the number of followers on my website! …. So from today I’ve decided to offer […]

Courting Controversy – Blog #17

I’ve been chatting to an acquaintance who is distressed at his inability to attract women. He is so bad at securing a date that he couldn’t even court controversy! …. He tried several times but controversy eventually took out a restraining order! Anyway, he’s had a brain wave that he […]

My Kingdom For a Clothes Horse – Blog #13

This is my thirteenth blog. As that is deemed an unlucky number I am writing this with cloves of garlic around my neck! Yes, I know garlic isn’t supposed to bring you good luck, but it just might keep that bloody vampire who keeps distracting me away! —————————————————- There has […]