Blue Eyes

Spark of Madness

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams It’d be hard to argue the Chicago born actor/comedian didn’t utilise his spark of madness to it’s absolute zenith. Sadly, though, it appears lows borne from the episodes tortured him every bit as much as euphoria levels during mania events….

Throwing Themselves On The Traps

“I’m not saying the. mother-in-law is ugly, but if beauty is only skin deep she must’ve been born inside out!” – Les Dawson. Above an example of the decades old British comedians love affair with mischievous quips made at the expense of their wife’s mother. The late Les Dawson, one of my comedy heroes, an…

Lambs of Wrath

After a few days where over the top absurdity’s tarried the sentences and paragraphs of my literary concepts, today I’ve vowed to pen a more profound narrative. Consequently, Saturday’s aspiration is to paint a belles-lettres; a lexicological magnum opus which’ll tap so far into the soul of it’s reader, on concluding the piece, they’ll feel…