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Spiders On Gars

This essay is the 1,900th blog manifesting from my capricious mind since embarking on this literary odyssey in March 2015. While sitting at my patio table, in close proximity on my starboard bow a money spider tenaciously navigates the web it’s weaved. A view I take as a sign for […]


My redolent consort on this literary sojourn’s commencement is a tantalising bouquet of barbecued fare. At least one of the neighbourhood homes utilising the presence of solar rays to partake in alfresco grilling. Sunshine and barbecued fodder a marriage made in heaven; add a cold beer into the episode and there’s […]

Morning Patrick!

Standing on the drive with an aural backdrop of clapping, pan tapping, hollering and chiming of cow bells, Thursday evening saw me fleetingly transported back to my childhood. This brief episode manifesting during a weekly clap for key workers, in the company of socially distant neighbours. Temporarily ceasing my ovation, […]